Ron Parks

Ron Parks

Imagine Barry White’s voice singing Marvin Gaye’s tunes, or Isaac Hayes singing a Curtis Mayfield love song. If you can hear those combinations in your minds ear, then you have an idea of what the Ron Parks experience is about. A hefty dose of smooth baritone, with the groove and sensuality of your favorite R&B love songs. Ron Parks grew up in the projects of Cincinnati, Ohio listening to the sounds Jerry Butler, Harvey and the Moonglows, Curtis Mayfield, The Spaniels and a myriad of ‘doo wop’ groups. Although Ron was motivated and moved by the music he was raised to, his urge to write and perform came later in life.

After 30+ years of working in the software industry as an engineer/manager/director, Ron began to contemplate retirement. He first turned to music as a hobby to balance out his engineering passion. Now that Ron has retired from software his hobby has become his passion. Driven by the desire to hear music that reflected the storytelling and passion in the songs of his youth, Ron began his songwriting career.

Along the way Ron has been given the descriptive nickname of ‘Ronny Smooth’; this aptly describes his personal and musical vibe.

All songs on Ron’s albums were written by Ron, except for one, ‘Gypsy Woman’ which was recorded to pay homage to Curtis Mayfield.

In 2003 Ron began his musical campaign. In order of their release starting in 2003:

‘Warm, Smooth, and Phonky’ 

‘Let’s Make a Secret’

‘Platonic Sex’

‘Seducification’ – Hard copy limited private release only ‘Got Smooth?’

‘Got Smooth?’

‘Keeper of the Old School Flame’

Ron’s music and performances can be found on iTunes,, CDBaby, YouTube and Spotify.